Smokers & Spearheads

Smokers  & Spearheads

From floundering and eeling, or preparing a beautiful smoked fish dinner, our smoker and spearheads are what you need to complete your range.

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  1. These pronged spearheads can be bound onto and old broom handle or stick for spearing flounder at your favourite location.

    Starting at $5.99

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    Available i
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  2. This Fishfighter mounted single prong spear is ideal for floundering.
    4 payments of $5.00 i
    4 x $5.00 i
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  3. The Fishfighter mounted three prong spear is what you need in your arsenal for eeling.
    4 payments of $6.25 i
    4 x $6.25 i
    In stock
  4. Enjoy quick and efficient hot smoking of fish, meats and poultry with this Snowbee Stainless Steel Fish Smoker. A generously sized hot smoker/cooker constructed in stainless steel for easy cleaning and long life. Will take four or five small trout, or two large fish, headed and tailed.

    4 payments of $40.00 i
    4 x $40.00 i
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