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UltraPoint is Mustad's top of the line hook range

In 1998, Denny Brauer won the Bassmaster Classic on the first UltraPoint hooks and the rest is history. Mustad prostaffers took home the Bassmaster Classic Trophy the first 4 out of 5 years, and UltraPoint has be credited in at least 9 Bassmaster Classic victories since then. No other hook company has even come close.

Having a good sharp point that stays sharp makes a big difference in the amount of time fishing and not changing lures or sharpening hooks. It all adds up and can make the difference between catching, and... well, not catching.

UltraPoint Technology was invented by Mustad with one purpose: to make Hooks Stay Sharper Longer. Whether you're fishing for Bass, Tarpon, Tuna, or any other species, one of the most critical parts of fishing is your hook point. Many hook points start sharp but easily roll or break, especially when fishing around structures like docks, rocks, gravel stumps, and for big fish with tough bony jaws.

The most advanced technologies come together to produce UltraPoint hooks. Mustad hooks have an enduring reputation for legendary strength and consistency, and this is no coincidence. First, Mustad is the only hook company in the world that owns and operates their own wire manufacturing facility, in continuous operation in Norway since 1832. Having production on their home ground makes it possible to control all processes and produce the highest possible quality. Mustad is the only hook manufacturer controlling all phases of production from wire to finish.


4.3 Microsharp Point Technology

UltraPoint is created using state-of-the-art, three stage Opti-Angle sharpening technology which removes less metal from the point than traditional methods - without compromising sharpness. The point length is engineered to the optimum ratio for maximum sharpness and strength.

UltraPoint hooks are 20% sharper and designed to stay sharper longer.

The UltraPoint Difference

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